/ Packaging Products


  • 1 Gallon through 6 Gallon Pails
  • Gallon through 11 Gallon Screw Cover Containers.
  • UN Liquid, UN Solid pails
  • UN Liquid Screw Cover pails
  • Bio-Hazard Safety Pails
  • Freezer pails
  • Square Pails
  • Tamper Evident Closures
  • Customized Printed Pails

Poly Bags and Liners

  • Custom Extruded Polyethylene Film Products (LDPE, LLDPE, Hexene LLDPE and Blends)
  • Liners of all shapes and sizes (drum, gaylord, carton liners)
  • Pallet Covers, Drum Covers, Tubing, Sheeting
  • Rigid and Flexible drum/pail liners
  • Round Bottom Drum Liners
  • Elastic Drum/Gaylord/Vat Covers and Top Sheets
  • Vacuum Formed Pail and Drum Inserts
  • Additives, UV, Shrink, Antistat, Antiblock
  • Custom Color

Specialty Packaging Items
Please inquire regarding our specialty packaging assistance. Email your request to our sales office at

Metal Containers

  • Pint through Gallon Tin Paint Cans
  • 1-Gallon through 61/2-Gallon Pails

Ink Containers

  • HDPE Slip Top Ink Containers
  • 3 Pound and 5 pound tubs
  • Straight Side 14 through 32 ounce containers
  • Heavy Duty Straight Wall Plastic Containers

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