/ Hardwood Charcoal

Product Overview

This charcoal is made from Ozark hardwoods: primarily white, black, and post oaks. These low resin hardwoods have long been recognized for their superior charcoal. They produce a very dense charcoal that burns cleanly and gives a high amount of energy for its weight.

Every load of charcoal goes through three important tests: moisture content, volatile content, and ash content.

Charcoal that passes these tests is then broken up through a hammer mill, while dust collection processes trap charcoal dust to ensure a clean product.

Charcoal is then packaged in a special 3-ply, 50 lb. bag to meet the needs of granular charcoal industry: safety and product integrity.


Grades Offered
(Smallest to Largest Size)

  • Airfloat
  • Number 80
  • Number 36
  • Number 20
  • Number 10
  • Number 6
  • Number 4
  • Number 3
  • Number 2
  • Number 1
  • Lump

Some of the many uses

  • Potting soil ingredient (protects roots by trapping excess gasses and minerals)
  • Orchid planting medium ingredient (protects plant growth by eliminating fungus)
  • Preventing oxidation in smelting furnaces
  • Filtering water, chemicals, and vodka
  • Digesting aid in animal feed
  • Covering molten materials to retain heat and prevent oxidation
  • Refrigerator deodorizers
  • Making battery carbon plates
  • Ingredient in fireworks, flares, and incenses
  • Wiper in galvanizing metals
  • Welding rod coatings
  • Part of water softening compounds
  • Carrier for seed inoculant coatings
  • And many, many more.

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